ZTE USB Modem Windows 7 Fix

ZTE USB modems are difficult to install in Windows 7. The problem is either the computer will hang up or suffer a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). Microsoft has a fix for ZTE USB modems to work perfectly with Windows 7.

What to do to fix ZTE USB Modem installation error in Windows 7:
  1. Plug the ZTE USB Modem to your computer.
  2. Wait for the modem drivers to install until the computer hangs up. Let it hung up for sometime.
  3. After say 3 minutes, or when the BSoD already appears, uplug the USB modem and reset the computer.
  4. Replug the modem but do not click anything related to it, like the icon in the taskbar.
  5. Instead, do open Control Panel, click System and Security > Check for updates > check ZTE Incorporated - Other Hardware - Mass Storage Filter and then click OK.
  6. Windows Update will automatically download and install the ZTE modem update.
  7. Once done with the task, unplug the modem and restart the computer.
  8. Replug the modem and wait for the installation of ZTE driver updates to finish. Afterwhich, your ZTE Modem will be ready to connect to the internet.
ZTE USB Modem Windows 7 Fix
ZTE USB Modem Windows 7 Fix
ZTE USB Modem Windows 7 Fix
Note: This procedure has been successfully tested with Smart Bro Plug-It ZTE USB Modem.