Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-It USB Tweak

SMART BRO PREPAID USB can be tweaked to make your internet connection faster. Just perform some easy to follow steps and achieve a better Smart Bro Plug-It USB prepaid web browsing experience.

Steps on how to tweak the Plug-It modem to make Smartbro Prepaid faster
  1. Insert your Smartbro Plug-It USB modem, open the interface.
  2. Click Settings (the Wrench button)
  3. Go to Network Settings > Config File > Add
  4. Config Filename: My Profile (or any name as desired)
  5. Dial Number: *99#
  6. User Name: [leave it blank]
  7. Password: [leave it blank]
  8. Use the following APN name: SMARTBRO
  9. Use the following DNS server address:
    • Preferred DNS -
    • Alternate DNS -
  10. Authentication Mode: PAP
  11. Choose Obtain PDP address automatically, click OK.
  12. In the Filename box, select My Profile > Set default.
  13. Now, click Internet Connection (the Earth button) > Connect.
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