New Feature: The Slider

WE ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT a new feature on - the Slider. Originally designed by Falcon Hive for Zinmag Remedy templates, we have modified the colors and functions of the Slider to perfectly fit in our blog.

The Slider is a gadget that will showcase a combination of latest and previous posts. Our objective in installing this element is to inform our readers of featured articles as well as remind them of stories which are equally important but were already forgotten. The Slider likewise offers the Most Commented Posts.

In the aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), our goal is to further increase the number of pageviews of this site. The Slider is positioned between the linkbar and the main posts for easy navigation. We hope you like it.


In case you have suggestions on what to feature in the Slider, we will gladly welcome your thoughts and perhaps consider it for everyone's benefit.