Pinoys Win Infolinks Review Contest

OUR JOYFUL CONGRATULATIONS to two Filipino blogging compadres who came out victorious in the recently concluded Infolinks review competition. Cheers to who won a Nexus One and to who bagged a Wii console.

Infolinks, a leading provider of In-Text Advertising services since 2007, held a review writing contest that started January 13 with bloggers having to cite in their entry post Google's new phone, Nexus One, as the subject. It was sort of an extension to the Double with a Bubble contest held during the Christmas holiday last year., an Infolinks affiliate, was invited to the contest but wasn't able to participate for lack of time. However, we vowed to filch a share of our time to join an Infolinks challenge next time around.

Again, Kudos to both Pinoy blogs. You make us all proud!