Online Presidential Poll 2010

ONLINE PRESIDENTIAL POLL - Who will you vote for in the upcoming May 10, 2010 automated elections? It's time to vote for your presidential candidate. Join the poll and cast your vote online, now!

Who will you vote for President in the May 2010 Elections?
Gibo Teodoro
Manny Villar
Noynoy Aquino
Erap Estrada
Dick Gordon
Eddie Villanueva
Jamby Madrigal
JC Delos Reyes
Nick Perlas
Vetellano Acosta

Bakit mo siya ibinoto? Bakit siya ang napili mong kandidato? You can justify your vote or explain why you voted for your candidate in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: is not commissioned by any individual or group to conduct this poll. This online voting is for information and educational purposes only.