How many hours is Philippines ahead of United States?

HOW MANY HOURS is Philippines ahead of United States? Or revised that question. How many hours is the United States behind the Philippines? Here's the answer to these questions based on standard time zones.

The Philippines universal time zone is UTC+08:00 like Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Perth, but the U.S.A. has 6 time zones:
  • Eastern Time: UTC-05:00
  • Central Time: UTC-06:00
  • Mountain Time: UTC -07:00
  • Pacific Time: UTC-08:00
  • Alaska: UTC-09:00
  • Hawaii: UTC-10:00
Therefore, the Philippines is anywhere from thirteen (13) to eighteen (18) hours ahead of the United States, or, the U.S. 13 to 18 hours behind the Philippines.