Henrietta Lacks "HeLa" Immortal Cells

INFORMATION about HeLa cells of Henrietta Lacks. I stumbled upon this fantastic story at Smithsonian.com today which I would like to share to you. This is about a poor farmer who had 'immortal cells' called HeLa.

HeLa is a codename for Henrietta Lacks, a black tobacco farmer raised in Clover, Virginia who got cervical cancer when she was 30, and whom the 'immortal' cells were taken.

HeLa cells are 'immortal' because — "they can grow indefinitely, be frozen for decades, divided into different batches and shared among scientists."

HeLa cells were the first immortal human cells ever grown in culture. They were essential to developing the polio vaccine and other very important landmarks including cloning, gene mapping and in vitro fertilization.

To read more of this article, please click here. The story is so amazing that I urge producers that it be made into a movie!

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