Google Buzz vs Facebook, Twitter

WHOA! I didn't see it coming sooo fast! A couple of hours after I published my blog about the new feature in Gmail which will rival social networking services Facebook and Twitter, the web is already talking about the real thing.

Google has introduced on Wednesday a social networking app called Google Buzz, a new feature for its email service, Gmail.
Google Buzz"Google Buzz allows users to share personal updates, photos and videos. Anyone signed up to the company’s e-mail service, Gmail, will automatically be able to use the service, meaning that the network already contains hundreds of millions of people;" Murad Ahmed, Technology Reporter, and Mike Harvey in San Francisco," reported at the Times Online.

"[Google] Buzz allows users automatically to follow the people they regularly e-mail and chat with. Users can post updates, including YouTube videos, photos and links to other websites. If the user chooses to make this information public they will appear on Google’s search engine, making posts easier to find. “Social” updates that might be of interest to members, such as invitations to parties, will be automatically posted to their Gmail inbox. Google also launched a Buzz mobile application. The app can use the geo-location feature of many sophisticated smartphones, enabling the device to know where a user is and to show them updates from people who are near by," Ahmed and Harvey wrote.

Is this development the beginning of a battle between social networking giants? I wonder what Facebook and Twitter have to say.