Twitter Mobile

Twitter mobile allows you to update your Twitter status whenever you want it, where ever you are, using your mobile phone. Here's how to use Twitter mobile in the Philippines and abroad.

Twitter Mobile
Twitter Mobile in the Philippines
  • Smart - Just type TWIT [space] YOUR UPDATE and send to 2330. P2.50/text.
  • Globe and Touch Mobile - Send the following to 2370. P2.50/text:
  1. To register, type TWITREG [space] USERNAME [space] PASSWORD
  2. To updates Twitter status, type TWIT [space] YOUR MESSAGE
  • Sun Cellular
  1. To login to your Twitter account, type LOGIN [space] USERNAME [space] PASSWORD and send to 2555 for free.
  2. To send a tweet, type TW [space] MESSAGE and send to 2555. P1/text.
For other countries - Type START and send to the following numbers:
  • United States (US): 40404
  • Canada: 21212
  • UK: 86444 (Vodafone, Orange, 3 and O2 customers)
  • India: 53000 (Bharti Airtel customers)
  • Indonesia: 89887 (AXIS and 3 customers)
  • Ireland: 51210 (O2 customers)
  • Australia: 0198089488 (Telstra customers)
  • New Zealand: 8987 (Vodafone and Telecom NZ customers)
Your carrier's standard messaging rates apply.

For mobile phones with WiFi or 3G connection
  • Using your phone's browser, access Twitter's global mobile site at
  • Japan: Twitter users in Japan can access
  • China: If China still blocks Twitter, I've heard that using a VPN server will let you access the site
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