Project Wonderful rolls out Geotargeting

ONLINE advertising broker Project Wonderful rolls out on Saturday, 30 January 2010, a new feature called Geotargeting. Blogject Wonderful announced the behind-the-scenes network upgrade for this feature.
What is geotargeting?
Geotargeting allows you to target your ads to different areas of the planet. If you’re selling a product to Americans, you can now make sure only Americans see your ads. Or Canadians. Or Europeans, if you want. It’s pretty awesome.

How does it work?
When a reader loads a page with a Project Wonderful ad on it, we compare their IP address with our geodatabase, which matches country codes to IP address. Then we show them the appropriate ad for their region!

What are the benefits?
There’s several. As an advertiser, you can target your ads more effectively than before. As a publisher, you get more revenue streams, as well as different and distinct audiences to sell to publishers. And viewers of websites get ads that are more relevant to them, so that’s good too!
Via: Blogject Wonderful

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