Rumor: NLE November 2009 results out tonight

COMMENTERS on several blogs and forum sites are talking about the NLE November 2009 results released on a weekend. Rumors are spreading over the internet that NLE November 2009 results could be out tonight.

...or probably tomorrow, Sunday, or next weekend.

NLE November 2009 ResultsA commenter who has an uncle who happens to have a friend working for a national newspaper confidently posted that the PRC already gave the go signal to publish the list of NLE November 2009 passers this weekend.

Based on our experience in the past, NLE results are usually released on a Sunday, 8PM to almost midnight. Last week, a source tipped us that it will be on January 25, which is a Monday. Most possibly, the NLE November 2009 results will be out on January 24 (Sunday) close to January 25 (Monday).

Same as you feel, we are also excited and at the same time optimistic on the better outcome of the NLE November 2009 results.