NLE 2010 Schedules

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) sets the following dates as the Nursing Board Exams or the NLE 2010 schedules.

Date of Exam
Deadline of Application
July 3-4, 2010
(Saturday and Sunday)
Repeaters: April 14, 2010
First Timers: May 14, 2010
December 12-13, 2010
(Sunday and Monday)
Repeaters: September 8, 2010
First Timers: November 8, 2010

PRC Commission Resolution No. 2009-537 dated November 13, 2009 moved the nursing board exams from June and November to July and December.

Check this link for the NLE July 2010 Results and NLE December 2010 Results. For other PRC exams 2010 schedules, click here.