Check out the New YouTube

YOUTUBE is on for a big change. Did you know that the world's best video hosting site is being redesigned for a cleaner feel with lots of UI improvements and new frontline features.

Because it is still an option, you may not have viewed yet the new YouTube. TechCrunch in its post "Meet The New YouTube: Less Clutter, Easier Search, And No More Stars" has noted significant changes, as follows:
  • HTML5 support
  • Video rentals
  • A music feature called Disco
  • Nearly all labels and extraneous text were removed
  • The logo has dropped the “Broadcast Yourself” tagline
  • Video description have been moved around
  • The view counter is bigger
  • Nearly all ‘advanced’ information has been collapsed
  • The five star rating system was ditched in favor of a "Like" and "Thumbs down" system
  • Changes in navigation
  • When doing a search, currently playing video will slide to the left side of the screen while results populate the right-hand side
These are just some of the changes being applied on the new YouTube. Click here for a more detailed observation.

As written earlier, the new YouTube is an option you will have to activate it to use it. You want to access the new YouTube now? Click here.

New YouTube

Old YouTube
How do you find the new YouTube? We welcome your comments.