Got Back Our Page Rank

Thanks to Google, we got back our Page Rank (PR) at the start of 2010. Our Google Page Rank jumped from 0 to 3 which is good news since most of known blogs have a PR3 or higher.

Page Rank
It was only last October 2009 when we purchased a domain name that replaced the long web address. It only took a little more than 2 months to obtain a page rank for the new domain.

The short span of time was contributed by the redirection structure provided by from the old web address to the new URL - our readers didn't have a hard time finding us - and for the fact that this free blogging service is owned by Google itself, it did not take long to get back our page rank.

A Google Page Rank indicates how important a web site is. Having a high page rank will result to good placements of a web site in the Search Engine Results Page or SERP. It means that if we post something like this one right now, it will probably take less than twenty four (24) hours to appear or gets enlisted in the Google search engine than any other web site with less than PR3.