Facebook Mobile

Not trusting other 3rd party apps for Facebook Mobile? Use Facebook Mobile from Facebook itself. A guide on how to use Facebook Mobile is also available at the newly activated "Using Facebook Mobile" page.

Facebook MobileUsing Facebook Mobile has a simple mission - Facebook everywhere. This is why they have established a web page for tips and trick, download links for Facebook Mobile as well as helpful guides so that everyone on facebook can update their status using the Facebook Mobile for various phones, a personalized upload email, and Text Message (SMS) thus making Facebook Mobile experience a lot better.
  • Facebook for mobile phone (click the links to download): iPhone, Palm, Sony Ericsson, INQ, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Windows Mobile, Sidekick.
  • How to update your status, browse your news feed and view friends' Profiles all from your phone, access m.facebook.com with your phone's mobile web access? Click here.
  • How to update your Status and Message friends using text messages? Click here.
  • How to post status updates or send photos to your profile via email? Click here.
  • How to know, learn, post and share tips for Facebook Mobile or even become a fan of Using Facebook Mobile? Click here.
We hope to have provided you with the information you need to know about Facebook Mobile. More Facebook Mobile tips in the future.