Coolbuster Toolbar Upgrade

We are pleased to announce that Coolbuster community toolbar, powered by Conduit and Google, has been upgraded with more new gadgets and features this 2010. Download Coolbuster Toolbar now!

Coolbuster ToolbarTo suit your needs, we have updated the previously installed gadgets such as search box, news ticker for RSS feeds, links gadget, email notifier to keep you updated of new messages from your Yahoo! and Gmail inboxes, local tv live streaming and internet radio streaming.

What's new with Coolbuster Toolbar? We have added the following features:
  • Facebook Stream - Update your Facebook status and get updates from your Facebook connections directly from our toolbar.
  • Skype Gadget - Allows you to use Skype from our toolbar.
  • Foreign TV Live Streaming - Enjoy live tv from the US, the UK and other countries.
  • Chat Room - Connect to family and friends and meet new friends from other community chat rooms.
  • Free Music Download - Everyday, you will be able to legally download free music right from our toolbar.
  • Free Dictionary - Finding word meanings is never as easy.
  • Social Network Gadget - Access social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Multiply among others. Browse photos on Flickr and watch videos from YouTube with just a few clicks all in our toolbar.
  • Sports TV - Live streaming of your favorite sports channels for basketball, football, volleyball, hockey and more.
  • Games - Play your favorite online games from our toolbar. Absolutely free and no sign-ups needed.
  • Weather Gadget - Easily monitor the weather and climate temperature in your city.
  • Plus gadgets such as number calculator, calorie calculator, Sudoku game, unit converter, Wikipedia search, black jack and video poker games and a whole lot more! Just download and install our toolbar and you will discover all the benefits.
What's very special about Coolbuster Toolbar, specially for those who are searching for PRC board examination results, is that it has a link that will automatically land you to pages in our site with PRC exam results. Even if you are browsing pages other than Coolbuster.Net, you will still be able to monitor licensure examination news updates and releases.

Coolbuster Toolbar is a complete package. Try it now!

Download the Coolbuster Toolbar by clicking the slider at the page header above or simply click here.


Coolbuster Toolbar
Coolbuster Toolbar
Coolbuster Toolbar
Coolbuster Toolbar
Coolbuster Tolbar is compatible with all versions of Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Download Coolbuster Toolbar