How to use Smart Per Pulse Charging on Calls

Pursuant to the NTC directive, Smart has implemented the per-pulse billing system for mobile voice calls since December 6, 2009. Here's how to use Smart per pulse charging on calls.

To call per-pulse, the following prefixes must be used, plus the number being called:

  • Smart Gold and Infinity: *5433
  • Smart Buddy: *5434
  • Talk ‘N Text: *2255
Example for Smart Buddy: *543409081234567

A flag-down rate of P3 will be charged on the first two pulses (or 12 seconds) and P0.31 (for Talk 'N Text) and P0.43 (for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, and Infinity) on the succeeding pulses of the first minute.‪ For succeeding minutes, P0.55 (for Talk ’N Text) and P0.65 (for Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, and Infinity) per pulse will be charged.

At present, rates apply to calls made within the SMART and Talk ‘N Text network only.