Smart Bro Plan 999 2mbps upgrade

I was able to talk to a Smart Bro tech contracted by Smart Bro to install a Canopy antenna for Smart Bro Plan 999. He said, Smart Bro (Canopy) will be upgraded to 2mpbs and even 3mbps this 2010.

Smart Bro Plan 999 (fixed wireless connection using the Canopy antenna) is currently delivered at a speed of up to 1mbps while Smart Bro Wireless (Plug-it modem) is already at 2mbps.

According to our source who requested anonimity, Smart Bro Plan 999 will be upgraded to 2mbps for the fact that Smart Bro Plan 999 is emerging as the fastest and the best unlimited internet broadband service in the country, paving way for a growth in subscriber base which made company revenues rise significantly.

I will be emailing Smart to verify this and will post their reply as soon as I receive it.

Update 3/30/2010: It's official! Smart Bro Plan 999 has been upgraded to 2 mbps. Click here to read more.