Optimize Images, Reduce Page Load Time, Speed Up Your Website

Search giant Google has given a strong indication that the speed of your website may become a vital factor for Google Page Rank in 2010.

Google's Matt Cutts said:
Historically we haven't used it in our search rankings, but a lot of people within Google think that the web should be fast, it should be a good experience and so it’s fair to say if you’re a fast site, maybe you should get a little bit of a bonus, or if you have an awfully slow site, maybe users don’t want that as much.
Are you aiming to get a higher Google Page Rank in 2010? Then you must find a way to achieve your objective of getting a higher PR. How? Use a proven method.

Optimize images to reduce page load time and speed up your website or blog.

The steps:
  • Download and install Image Optimizer. Click here to download.
  • After which, create a new folder in your desktop and rename it as desired.

  • Optimize Images
  • Put in that folder all the images that you want to optimize.
  • Right click and choose 'Optimize Images'. A notification that says task has been 'Completed successfully' will appear. Click Finish.

  • Optimize Images
  • A new folder with the same name but with added words 'Optimized Images' will be automatically created. It contains optimized copies of the images from the original folder. You can keep both the original and the optimized versions and delete the latter later to save disk space.

  • Optimize Images
  • Upload the optimized images for use in your website or blog. The quality is not as good as the original ones but your website or blog will load faster.
We hope this simple tutorial will help you get a higher Google PR in 2010.