My Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Audition Experience

Out of curiousity and so that I can blog about it, I joined the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) audition last March 18, 2009 at Gaisano Mall in Davao City and had a wonderful experience.

PBBI held this post until Christmas because the instructions given to us were (1) not to exchange numbers and text messages with the regional finalists if possible and (2) not to reveal to anyone except family or very close friends what transpired during the audition until the PBB starts.

But since PBB Double Up is about to conclude in a matter of weeks and I don't have a plan to try the audition next year anyway, disqualification will be an issue no more. I am revealing my PBB audition experience now so that those who are planning to try in the future will have a clue.

1st round:
  • I was given a sticker with a number and asked to sign a document.
  • We were grouped by tens for the interview.
  • Direk Lauren Dyogi asked us one common question - "Ano ang pinagkakaabalahan mo ngayon? (What's keeping you busy now?)."
  • After every person answered, Direk Dyogi wrote his choices on a small white board.
  • From our group, only 3 qualified to the next level.
  • Generally, more than half of the more or less 15,000 aspirants failed in that round.
2nd round:
  • Direk Lauren asked: "May nagawa ka na bang isang risky na bagay or task? Ano ito? (Have you done something risky? What was it?)."
  • I couldn't think of anything so I just invented a story. I qualified to the next level. From our group, only 2 passed.
  • Those who qualified were asked to fall in line and were grouped into tens again after each interview infront of Direk Lauren, some ABS-CBN staff and the cameras.
3rd round:
  • Direk Lauren asked: "Give us some reasons why we should take you in for the PBB."
  • That was the last stage of the interview. I survived that round.
4th round:
  • As far as I can remember, only 24 of us were left for the final round.
  • During this stage, Direk Lauren gave us a task which is to create a presentation.
  • We were grouped by age level and gender.
  • The teams can either dance, sing or act, or a combination of all.
  • Luckily, I had a group whose members were quick and smart thinkers so we were able to perform well.
After the last round, we had a photo session. The staff also took our contact information. The audition ended past 11:00 PM.

There was a liner from Direk Lauren Dyogi that I always remember and love the most. He said: "Mas gusto ko yung palaban, kasi masarap paglaruan."

So, if anyone of you would like to join the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Audition, you should bring with you courage, lots of smiles, and humor too. I think Direk Lauren likes a PBB aspirant who has a good sense of humor. Look at Melai now.

In the PBB, you don't have to be beautiful or handsome. You just have to be gutsy and witty. Take it from me.