Introducing Big Changes at

In a newsletter delivered via email, the Friendster team introduced big changes at – a move that, I think, will enable them to contend with Facebook and Twitter.
The revamped promises big changes over the next few weeks that include:
  • improvements in content find and share features
  • faster and easier photo uploads
  • shoutout and photo comments
  • shoutout history and stream
  • a profile page customization feature that allows users to choose a color theme for their homepage
  • the newly launched Gift Shop – which enables users to send and receive special gifts
Over the coming months, according to the team, Friendster will be launching many new features like games, music and new ways to use Friendster mobile.

The new Friendster showcases a new logo, which was “crafted from a single line and ending in a Friendster smile” that represents “what the brand is all about – fun, creativity, friendship and a personalized experience”, the team explained.

Friendster, who has an Asian audience base, is one of the websites who pioneered social networking but was left behind (due to spamming and malware-related issues) by rivals MySpace, Facebook and Twitter who have large following in both Asia and the US among other regions.

I hope Friendster will be able to cope up with the stiff competition. I remember updating my Friendster status like four months ago. Now, out of curiosity, I maybe able to login to Friendster again.