How To Fix Zinmag Remedy 2.0 Slider Arrows

For bloggers who have installed Zinmag Remedy 2.0 in their Blogger blogs, here's how to troubleshoot or fix the disappearance of the arrow buttons in the Zinmag Remedy 2.0 Slider.

I found out that the images of the left and right arrow buttons are not hosted anymore by so you will have to replace those images with ones that are hosted by another image-hosting site.

How to fix Zinmag Remedy 2 Slider Arrow Buttons
  • Login to your Blogger account.
  • In your Dashboard, go to Layout > Edit HTML > Expand Widget Templates.
  • Using Ctrl+F, find 'rem1'.

  • FixRenmag
  • Replace with
  • Replace with
  • Next, change the value of 'rightnav' from 0, 60] to -12, 60] to move the button in it's proper position.

  • Zinmag Remedy RightNav
  • Preview the template.
  • If you can see the arrows, click Save Template and you're done.
Now you got the Slider arrows back. See the demo site.