FarmVille Tools: Orion

You love to play FarmVille on Facebook. But being always on the go prevents you to play and update your FarmVille farm. This is the best time to use a FarmVille tool called FarmVille Orion.

FarmVille Orion is a small-size tool for the Facebook FarmVille app / game. FarmVille Orion can help you gather or get wild turkeys, mystery eggs, flowers, reindeer and unlisted animals, among others.

FarmVille Orion is easy to use. Just download the executable file of just a little more than 1mb. Install FarmVille Orion and then let it run. You can minimize it. FarmVille Orion can run unattended so you can proceed with your other tasks.

FarmVille OrionInstructions:
  • FarmVille Orion is Internet Explorer based. Log in to facebook using IE with "remember me" checked. If you can see your FarmVille feed in Orion, you did it correctly. If not, try again and set your security features very low.
  • Open your default web browser. When FarmVille Orion finds an adoptable animal or a posted bonus, a web page is opened just as though you had clicked the link yourself. FarmVille publishes two different anchors for the same object so a page will appear to launch twice. This is normal. This is equivalent to clicking on an image AND clicking on the hyper-linked text.
  • Run FarmVille Orion. Verify that you can see your FarmVille feed. Check the animals that you want FarmVille Orion to hunt for. Click the "Begin the Hunt" button.
  • Wait. If there are animals on your feed, wait long enough for FarmVille Orion to catch them. Let the web page load to the point where you see not_owned or give_home. When you see either result, close the tab. Give_home means you got the animal. Not_owned means that you did not get the animal for that instance.
  • For posted bonuses, wait long enough to see "already_helped", "too_many", or "invalid". Then close the tabs.