Be a Cool DJ on New Year's Eve

Thinking of having a disco party on new year's eve? No problem. Grab a copy of your favorite pop, RnB/rap and dance audio CDs or mp3s and be a cool disc jockey (DJ) yourself. We'll teach you how.

You will need a computer, OtsAV DJ Free - a free audio mixing software with automated beat mixing plus continuous flow auto-mixing among other features, baby plug to RCA plug cable and a sound system either a cassete player, karaoke or component system.

How to auto mix mp3 music with the computer and become a cool DJ on new year's eve?
  • Download and install OtsAV DJ free edition [link].
  • Connect your computer's audio-out to sound system's audio-in or auxillary slot using the baby plug to RCA plug cable.
  • Import mp3 or audio music files from computer hard drive or cd player to OtsAV DJ Free media library and then play to auto-mix them continuously.

OtsAV DJ Free
There you go. You are ready to set up your very own disco party on new year's eve. Enjoy and have fun!