Opera 10.01 Released | Download

Opera has released its latest version 10.01 which is available for download at the Opera 10 website. Opera 10.01 with Turbo technology loads webpages faster and build 1844 has gotten better.

Opera 10We've tried it. Opera 10.01 is noticeably faster than the previous version. [Download Opera 10.01]

More Info

We browsed the Opera website and found out that two more softwares were also released for beta testing - Opera 10.10 Beta and Opera Mini 5 Beta.

Opera 10.10, also known as Opera Unite, is a powerful platform that turns your Web browser into a Web Server which enables you to share content directly without having to upload anything to a Web site. You can stream music, show photo galleries, share files and folders or even host your Web pages.

Innovative it is, this future Opera browser features an integrated Media Player so you can play your favorite music right from your browser, File and Photo sharing applications, a Fridge to share notes with family and friends (functions like chat or a light social networking client), and a Web Server to host your website from your own computer! Hmmm...interesting.

Introduction: Opera Unite [Download]

How to Use Opera Unite

Opera Mini 5 Beta [Download to your computer]