Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) details

Make way for Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft unveils first details of IE 9, expected to be rich in advanced features and speed plus performance improvements. Take a peek of Internet Explorer 9.

The IEBlog brags about progress on performance and interoperable standards, which was demonstrated at the PDC 2009.

IE9 will provide
...hardware-accelerated rendering of all graphics and text in web pages - something that other browsers don’t do today. Web site developers will see performance gains and other benefits without having to re-write their sites.
Microsoft is
changing IE to use the DirectX family of Windows APIs to enable many advances for web developers. The starting point is moving all graphics and text rendering from the CPU to the graphics card using Direct2D and DirectWrite. Graphics hardware acceleration means that rich, graphically intensive sites can render faster while using less CPU.
These features are something to look forward to but no beta is available and the final release date isn't even set yet (too early to do that because they've started just 3 weeks ago) so everything remains to be seen.