How to Make Globe Tattoo Faster

Globe Tattoo offers up to 3 mbps speed in selected areas which makes it one of the fastest mobile broadband service in the country. In areas where it is slow, here's a tweak to make Globe Tattoo faster.

Steps to make Globe Tattoo faster (How-to)
  1. Plug your Globe Tattoo to a USB port in your desktop or laptop computer. Wait for the user interface to fully display. Do not connect yet.
  2. Go to Tools and then select Options.

  3. Globe Tattoo
  4. Click Profile Management and then click New to create a new profile.
  5. Under Profile Name, type your desired profile name. For example: Globe Tattoo - My Profile.
  6. Under APN, select Static and then type inside the box.
  7. Under Authentication, type *99***1# as your Access number. Leave the User name and Password as blank.

  8. Globe Tattoo
  9. Now click Advanced.
  10. Under DNS Settings, select Static.
  11. Put as the Primary DNS. Put as the Secondary DNS.
  12. Click Ok, Set as Default and Save.

  13. Globe Tattoo
With this Globe Tattoo hack or tweak, you will have a faster Globe Tattoo mobile broadband connection.

Disclaimer: This hack / tweak worked for us. If you have doubts or second thoughts, do not follow the steps. Do this procedure at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any damage this may cause to your Globe Tattoo USB modem or broadband connection.