Legal Corruption

I met a good friend (GF) on my way to the restaurant to eat dinner. I invited GF to join me and we had a conversation about politics. In the Philippines, GF said, there is such a thing as 'legal corruption'.

GF was formerly connected with the Commission on Audit (COA) working as an employee for many years. GF is a very credible person so I do believe in everything GF says when it comes to money, budgeting, accounting, auditing and everything economics.

Because the 2010 national and local elections is just around the corner, we discussed some political issues. During our chit chat, GF mentioned 'legal corruption'. GF said that this is the reason why most, if not all, popular personalities and community leaders are eager to run for public office to win a seat in local government units. GF, however, did not reveal and define what 'legal corruption' is.

I am publishing this post mainly to be educated, based on the readers' point of view, what 'legal corruption' is. Kindly define 'legal corruption' in your own words and cite at least one example.

Your comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated. I will be sending a very special Christmas gift to whoever has the best comment.