Is Globe HyperSpeed Fast?

It isn't really a public knowledge that a very fast broadband internet connection with a whopping speed of up to 100 mbps is already available in the Philippines. It's called Globe HyperSpeed.

GlobeGlobe HyperSpeed is built on the breakthrough technology called Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON), a fiber-to-the-home technology, believed to have been set up to pave the way for the entry of HDTV and IPTV in the country. Globe HyperSpeed was launched in mid June 2009 but wasn't widely made available due to high cost implications.

Globe HyperSpeed Plans are:
  • 10 Mbps maximum speed - PhP3,995
  • 100 Mbps maximum speed - PhP14,995
The Globe HyperSpeed plans are currently available in Forbes Park, Makati City and soon in Makati areas like Bel-Air Village, Urdaneta Village, and selected buildings in Serendra. These areas are where most of the rich and the famous live.

There was a forum feedback that although the advertised speed is up to 100 mpbs, the actual "throttled" torrent download speed is 1 mbps. This got me curious as to what the real speed of Globe HyperSpeed is. I am not from Metro Manila so I'd like to ask our readers who come from the aforementioned areas.

Thanks in advance to all who will provide answers to my questions: Is Globe HyperSpeed really fast? How fast?