Gloo Goes Live

Globe Telecom, a leading telco in the Philippines, has launched Globe Broadband, a website dedicated for Globe broadband users and subscribers, which features Gloo beta among other add-ons.

Globe BroadbandAs a I see it, Gloo is a social networking site. However, Globe Labs - a division at Globe that offers tools, training and a commercialization process that allows students, freelancers, and development companies to build and launch innovative applications - has a better definition.
It is an online, real-time, scrapbook collaboration website where users can post notes, images, videos and write on spaces. All other users of the same space can view changes on the space in real-time. All of the users of the space can also play with the elements posted by their friends.
GlooI guess Gloo is Globe's answer to Smart's MySandbox feature for "Me Na Me". And the following Gloo features appear to me as a direct competition.

Gloo users can:
  • Create spaces and invite friends to view and play with the space
  • Embed images and videos on a space
  • Doodle on a space
  • Write notes on a space
  • Move and resize any element in the space
  • Send SMS/MMS from a space This online tool allows families or barkadas to "bond" with each other in real time, even while apart. Parents can tutor their kids, friends can tell stories via pictures, video and chat in this virtual bonding space.
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With the launch of Gloo, we will expect another round of the Battle of the Broadbands, this time on social networking. Don't we?