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I was contemplating on what to post at this part of the day when the idea of writing about websites and blogs who were Coolbustered suddenly came on me!

And so, my simple way of reciprocating is to mention them too, right here. Below are sites and blogs on the world wide web who have posts about Coolbuster or has made Coolbuster part of their articles.

Digital Explorations
Much can be learned from the number 1 site winner twice in a row! Study what widgets it is using and learn what layout it is using. How does it motivates visitors to click on the ads? Does it offer chat boxes, twitter feeds? As we noted, Coolbuster is not new, but it has learned a lot in capturing the local audience. Congrats to the webmaster at Coolbuster, for leading with a finely crafted web site.
it’s amazing to see these guys in the first page of Google or Yahoo search results, bloggers like Ceblogger, Third World Geek, Joliber and Dexter (and lots of other blogging friends) competing with the SEO masters like Coolbuster, Selaplana, James and of course Jehzlau.
The time frame for our solution search is less than a year. Let us try to deliver the goods before the auto shutdown starts to annoy everyone who installed Windows 7 RC.

Solution No. 2 - Refer Orginal Author Site - CoolBuster
After getting the necessary information, you may now enter your IMEI in the corresponding box at the website. Again, you will have to make sure if your unit is a DCT3 or a DCT4 model to arrive with a correct unlocking code.

News from All World
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Reach Beyond Your Limits
That's it! So when my page rank increased to 1, I thought it is the highest rank. I thought page ranking is the same as ranking our students in school, LOL. I was wrong then. Coolbuster helped me understand how Alexa page rank works. So now I know what PR1 means.
This is a great blog that doesn't need too much more work to become a better blog. A little short on pictures and occasionally off-focus, but well worth your time.
You've just been "Coolbustered"! Many, many thanks guys. May you all be successful in your endeavors. =)