Beware: Lodge Video Camera Rollling!

My Friend (MF) met Young Guy (YG) who claims to be an administrator of a popular pornographic website. YG exposed to MF the name of a lodge who takes videos of patrons while making love.

LodgeAllegedly, the lodge video operator sells the videos for a specific fee to websites that are posting video scandals. The websites rake hundreds of thousands of pesos/dollars and cellphone load by hosting the videos and making them available for download via the world wide web. The downloaders pay the website through credit card, money transfer or cellphone cash transfer.

YG told MF the following shocking revelations:
  • Lodge has setup cameras behind one-way mirrors in 'specially-designed' rooms.
  • Lodge's frontdesk staff sets requirements in choosing the victims. According to YG, most of the victims are those whose looks are too casual. If the front desk staff feels or knows that the clients are formal, popular or have good reputation in the community, they will be spared.
  • After the recording, the video will be sold to pornographic web sites through file-sharing methods.
  • The site's webmaster will label the videos with names of places except the name of the actual place where the video was taken. For example: instead of naming it as 'Cebu Scandal', webmaster will title it as 'Manila Scandal' thereby preempting location tracing.
YG told MF that to avoid being videoed:
  • Lovers who are fond of checking-in at lodges should switch-off all the lights of their room during performance.
  • If possible, cover the mirrors with towels or sheets.
True or not this is, people should be careful at all times to prevent invasion of privacy.