18th KBP Golden Dove Awards 2009 Winners

Various AM and FM radio stations all over the Philippines bagged the 18th KBP Golden Dove Awards in their respective categories. View the complete list of winners in the KBP Golden Dove Awards 2009.

Bombo Radyo announced that their radio stations have won the People's Choice Award. These are Bombo Radyo Baguio, Bombo Radyo Dagupan, Bombo Radyo Naga, Bombo Radyo Iloilo, Bombo Radyo Cagayan de Oro, Bombo Radyo Davao, and STAR FM Iloilo.
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Update 11/14/09

DZMM.com has announced that ABS-CBN, DZMM Radyo Patrol, Studio 23 and Regional Network Group (RNG) have garnered awards as follows:
  • "Best Television Station" - ABS-CBN Channel 2
  • "Best AM Radio Station" - DZMM Radyo Patrol 630
  • "Best Radio Public Affairs Program" - Tambalang Failon at Sanchez
  • "Best Radio Public Affairs Program Host" - Ted Failon
  • "Best Radio Station Promotional Material" - DZMM "One Hand"
  • "Best Science and Technology Program" - DZMM "Sa Kabukiran"
  • "Best Science and Technology Host" - DZMM Angelo Palmones for “Bago Yan Ah!”
  • "Best Public Service Program" - DZMM "Konsumer at Iba Pa"
  • "Best Public Service Program Host" - DZMM Carl Balita for Radyo Negosyo
  • "Best Radio Games and Variety Host" - DZMM Winnie Cordero for "Todo-Todo Walang Preno"
  • "Best Radio Drama Program" - DZMM "Maalaala Mo Kaya sa DZMM"
  • "Best Comedy Program" - "Topsilog" of Tambayan 101.9
  • "Best Radio Specials" - MOR Local Vocal - DYTC-Tacloban
  • "Best TV Magazine Program" - "Us Girls” - Studio 23
  • "Best TV Public Affairs Program" - "Umagang Kay Ganda” - ABS-CBN
  • "Best TV Public Service Program" - "Salamat Doc" - ABS-CBN
  • "Best TV Promotional Campaign" - Branding Campaign - ABS-CBN
  • "Best Public Service TV Announcement" - "Taguan" - ABS-CBN
  • "Best TV Science and Technology Program" - "Matanglawin" - ABS-CBN
  • "Best TV Culture and Arts Program" - "Pamulinawen" - TV7 ABS-CBN Laoag
  • "Best Documentary Program" - "The Correspondents" for "Mahirap Matuto” episode - ABS-CBN
  • "Best TV Children's Program" - "Sineskwela" - ABS-CBN
  • "Best Drama Program For TV" - "May Bukas Pa" - ABS-CBN
  • "Best TV Newscast" - TV Patrol World - ABS-CBN

Other awards:
  • KBP Lifetime Achievement Award Posthumous Awardee: Mr. Q. Rebueno Hodreal - United Broadcasting Network; Mr. Bob Stewart; Awardee: Fr. James B. Reuter - Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)
  • Best FM Radio Station: DWRX Monster Radio - Audiovisual Communicators, Inc.
  • Best Games/Variety Program: "Talentadong Pinoy" TV5 - Associated Broadcasting Corp.
  • Best Comedy Program: "Wow Mali" TV5 - Associated Broadcasting Corp.
  • Best Games/Variety Program: "The RX Concert Series" DWRX-FM - Audiovisual Communicators Inc.
  • Best Children's Program for Radio: "Musmos Tuklas" DZJV-AM - ZOE Broadcasting Network
  • Best Documentary Program for Radio: "Quick Access" DZEM-AM - Christian Era Broadcasting Service
  • Best Culture & Arts Program for Radio: "Sulyap at Kultura" DZRB-AM - Philippine Broadcasting Service
  • Best Public Service Program for Radio: "Konsumer at Iba Pa" DZMM-AM - ABS-CBN
  • Best Magazine Program for Radio: "Boom Balita" DZRH-AM - Manila Broadcasting Co.
  • Best Sports Program for Radio: "MBC Sports" DZRH-AM - Manila Broadcasting Corp.
  • Best Radio Newscaster: Weng Dela Peña - DZXL-AM | Radio Mindanao Network
  • Best Field Reporter: Norberto "Bing"Formento - DZRH-AM | Manila Broadcasting Company
  • Best Radio Public Affairs Program Host: Ted Failon - DZMM-AM | ABS-CBN
  • Best Radio Games/Variety Program Host: Winnie Cordero - DZMM-AM | ABS-CBN
  • Best Music Radio Jock: Fr. Nono Alfonso - DZRV-AM | Radio Veritas
  • Best Radio Magazine Program Host: Rafael Reyes - DWRX-FM | Audiovisual Communicators Inc.
The Golden Dove Awards are given out yearly by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) or Association of Broadcasters of the Philippines. It known to be the broadcast industry's most prestigious award-giving body. Its aim is to give due recognition to all broadcast practitioners, stations and programs for their valuable and exemplary contribution and outstanding achievements to the broadcast industry - WikiPilipinas