Play Farmville on Mobile Phone

Good news to all Farmville players out there! You can now play Farmville, anytime and anywhere you like, even without a computer! Login and play Farmville using your mobile phone!

The opening paragraph is what I foresee as a printed announcement or video commercial ad by a telecommunications company (telco) for its existing subscribers and prospects.

Of course, the application that will enable millions of Farmville fans to play the game using their mobile phone isn't available yet, but who knows, telcos such as Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular are probably biting the idea already.

FarmvilleEveryone using Facebook to connect with family and friends knows that Farmville is one of the most popular game apps available on that site these days. Most fans say it's addictive. Others claim that the Farmville craze is growing, and getting into as far as creating a 'Facebook Farmville Syndrome', whatever that is.

I tell you, any telco who comes out first with a Farmville game app for mobile phones will surely rake millions of money!

Here's my concept: How to Play Farmville on a Mobile Phone

For non-smartphones:

1. Type FV/Email used for Facebook/Password and then send to a service number.
  • Example: FV/**** send to 1234.
2. Telco replies with a text message about the user's detailed Farmville status and maybe some commands for farming.
  • Example: Your current status is - Exp 26853, Coins 76000, Lvl 24. To plant Strawberry type FVPS, to harvest Banana type FVHB and send to 1234.
So on and so forth.

For smartphones:
  • Mobile users should download a Farmville game app through a service number or website, for a price. The app should automatically install and the user can play Farmville on his smartphone thereafter.
Remember that this is just my (crazy) idea. I hope the telcos will not forget me when this already is for real. LOL!

Suggestion: Play Farmville on a Windows Mobile Phone using the Skyfire free mobile browser.

FarmVille Mobile app? Click here. Farmville on iPhone? No problem. Download from the iTunes App Store, click here.