First Windows 7 Commercial Aired

Kylie takes all the happy words about Windows 7 and makes them happier in her very own slideshow. Watch the first Windows 7 TV commercial ad.

The Windows 7 TV commercial ad was aired on the CW television network and is also seen on YouTube.

It seems that Windows 7 is targeted for viewing of a much younger market in this TV ad, but the background music played when Kylie hits the key to run the slideshow in the middle part is catchy.

Watch the first Windows 7 TV commercial.

The background music is actually "The Final Countdown", a rock song from the Swedish rock band Europe, released in 1986, now being used in the ad to start the countdown for the release of Windows 7 full version.

Windows 7 will be available in stores and shipped with new laptop computers come October 22. Read more about the release here.