How to Upload or Share Videos on Twitter

Effective today and periodically hereafter, I am going to post how-tos and tutorials on how to maximize your use of Twitter and to bring your basic social networking experience to new heights.

Since Twitter is becoming popular among Filipinos these days, with a word-of-mouth promotion on TV by popular celebrities like Kris Aquino [follow Kris on Twitter], Mariel Rodriguez, Pokwang and others, I would like to share my own discoveries that level up one's Twitter experience. To start with, here's something that you do not do with Twitter everyday - uploading or sharing a video on Twitter.

Leave that conventional thinking that Twitter is just "a new sms". Here are eight (8) ways to upload or share a video in Twitter.

1. Twiddeo

TwiddeoTwiddeo is a powerful but simple service that let's you do one thing very well: Twitter updates with video. Upload from the web, your cameraphone and record from your webcam.

2. Vidly

VidlyFormerly known as TwitVid, Vidly allows users to continue to share videos on Twitter. Vidly will revolutionize the way you share video. It strives to remove unnecessary steps between recording your video and getting it to the people that matter.

3. TwitLens

TwitLensHow it works: Simply login with your Twitter credentials and you are ready to start sharing media on Twitter. You don't need a separate account to share videos and photos on TwitLens. Simply login with your Twitter username and password and start sharing.

4. Tweet Reel

TweetReelTweet Reel lets you shoot pictures and video on your iPhone, upload them to, and share them on Twitter. Download Tweet Reel for the iPhone in iTunes, take a picture with your iPhone or shoot a video with your new iPhone 3GS, and tweet it!

5. Tweetube

TweetubeTweetube started out as a way to share YouTube videos, then the service expanded to include Tweetube for Mac OSX, a desktop application for creating video via webcam to share with Twitter. Tweetube then hosts the videos and even allows for comments. Most recently, Tweetube added support for multiple photo uploads by web or email, and multiple link sharing. Via

6. YFrog

YFrogYFrog is a photo and video sharing application from popular image hosting site ImageShack. It lets you upload photos from the computer or a website as well as share videos through the iPhone.

7. Twitc

TwitcUse Twitc to organize, search, view, comment, share, embed, batch download, collect, favorite, rate uploads, view timelines and profiles, post links to or embed files, and send updates to your profile on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and 35 other sites.

Twitc is a complete package. It's a photo and video sharing service that you'd want to marry if it's a person.

8. BubbleTweet

BubbleTweetAdd video to your Twitter page in seconds with BubbleTweet. No, literally. A BubbleTweet is a short video (currently up to 30 seconds) that plays in a floating Bubble video player over your Twitter page and when it's over, it pops and goes away.

Designed to be both fun and simple to use, BubbleTweet let's you step out from behind your text-only twitter content and say 'hello' to your followers in a very personal and engaging way.

Isn't that cute?

I'm only up to this point for now. I will definitely update this post once there are new apps available on the web. So far, these are what you need to upload or share videos in Twitter. Choose one or try them all, it's up to you.

Happy tweeting everyone!