Traackr Finds You Online

You have photos, documents, videos, blogs and comments online but no information as to how many people access and read them and how they affect the lives of others. Traackr is the solution.
Traackr measures online influence on the social web. It sorts through the massive amount of data on social media to identify the most influential individuals in their community around specific issues, markets, brands.
This is how they do it (without digging the specifics): Traackr collects a massive amount of data on the web. They search, identify, qualify and then report.

Traackr's metrics to find and identify 'influencers' online include:
  • Reach - the ability to generate views;
  • Resonance - ability to spark conversations;
  • Relevance - ability to cover specific topic/market.
To have a clear picture and full understanding of what Traackr is, and to find out how you've been doing online, visit their website at your most convenient time.