Smart Bro Plan 999 Upgraded to 1mbps

Good news to all subscribers! Smart Bro Plan 999 "Unlimited" internet service has been upgraded to 1 mbps. This was announced at the Smart Bro website under the Products section.

Specific details:
  • Speed: Up to 1mbps (New and improved speed)
  • No. of Hours use: Unlimited
  • Connection: Fixed wireless connection (FREE Installation Fee)
  • Requirements: Subscriber Application Form, Proof of Identification.
  • Total Initial Payment: Php 999.00
  • Lock-in Period: 24 months
Smart BroI can't feel the improvement yet since the upgrade to 512 kbps. I think this is applied in some key areas only as what has been proven by subscribers who had their speed tested.

I heard from an acquaintance who was able to communicate with a Smart Bro installer that Plan 999 will be upgraded to 2 mpbs in the future. I can't wait!