How to Setup D100 Router - Sun Broadband

Subscribers of Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW) uses Huawei D100 Router to have Wifi internet connection. For you to know-how, here's a guide to setup the D100 router.

  1. Go to the Quick Setup menu and click next.
  2. Type “fbband” for Plans 799, 649 and EasyBroadband; “mbband” for Plan 1399; and “minternet” for Prepaid in the APN field. Click next.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Set Router Name and click Next.
  5. Select “WEP” as encryption type and set password. Click Next.
  6. Click Finish.
D100 RouterThe D100 router transforms the standard 3G dongle into a full-on WiFi network so you can have full Sun Broadband Wireless internet anywhere anytime.

I have read in the forum that using the D100 can give you SBW speed of up to 2mbps even if you share the connection with others.

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