LG GD900 Crystal Transparent Phone

Launched in Barcelona, Spain in February 2009, LG GD900 Crystal, the world’s first transparent design phone, is now among the leading product lines at LG Philippines.

A few minutes ago while I was watching TV, I saw the advertisement of this elegant mobile phone. Its sliding, transparent keypad that illuminates a cool glow had me asking myself, "how'd they do that?" The scratch-resistant drop-down transparent Crystal Touchpad is simply stunning.

Let your eyes feast with a couple of high resolution photos of LG GD900. Take a look although you will have to click the images to enlarge.

LG GD900 Crystal
LG GD900 Crystal
LG GD900 Crystal is not just about design, it also has advance features that include, among others, an 8.0 mega pixel camera, 1.5 gigabytes of internal memory, a microSD expansion slot for external memory of up to 32 gigabytes and support for HSDPA internet connection speed of up to 7.2 megabytes per second.

For other specifications, click here.

This phone is powerful!