How to Get Unbanned in Xat Chatbox

Want to get yourself unbanned from a Xat chatbox? I conducted a little experiment just for educational purposes and fortunately, I got myself unbanned from a Xat chatbox!

Xat UnbanThere was this Xat chatbox somewhere. I noticed that one of the moderators is very sensitive so I thought he was the perfect subject for the experiment. I challenged him by posting so many links and keywords that pointed to other websites. And I was right, he banned me.

Now, for the workaround which I will share to you, you will need the following:
  • CCleaner - Download and install.
  • IPChanger - Download and save in your desktop to easily find for later use.
The steps:
  • Disconnect from the internet by disabling your LAN.
  • Open CCleaner and delete all browsing history and wipe all the crap in your computer.
  • Click IPChanger.
  • Reconnect to the internet by enabling your LAN.
  • Afterwhich, go back to that XAT chatbox where you were banned and see if you were unbanned.
Limitation: This will only work for computers with Dynamic IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are most frequently assigned on LANs and broadband networks by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP servers.

Sorry guys if you have Static IP. =( One common way I know that will work for you is to wait for the ban period to expire.