How to Enable or Disable Opera Turbo

The new Opera 10 Final has become available for download with new features that include Opera Turbo. To maximize its performance, we are posting a guide on how to enable or disable Opera Turbo.

For slow internet connections, enabling Opera Turbo may help. Opera Turbo causes the prefetching and caching of a website so that it will load faster despite the sluggish connection.

Opera Turbo, however, is not recommended for already fast connections. The result would be displaced website images and texts.

These simple steps will allow you to enable or disable Opera Turbo. You may also set it to automatic mode.

The steps:
  1. Open Opera 10
  2. At the left bottomest part of Opera 10, find the Opera Turbo icon.

  3. Opera Turbo Button
  4. Click it and a panel for Opera Turbo Settings will appear.

  5. Opera Turbo Panel
  6. Opera Turbo is disabled by default. Turn it on or automatic as desired.
  7. Click OK and you're done configuring.
Hope this works for you friends.