Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Getting tired of Facebook and all you ever wanted now is to get back to your real life outside of Facebook? Here's a guide on how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

In a case that someone leaves Facebook, they will only allow account 'deactivation' instead of permanent deletion which means that a user cannot entirely delete his profile, photos, videos, messages, etc.

Suprisingly, someone from outside of Facebook created a group inside of Facebook. The group, residing under Internet & Technology - Websites category, has provided the instructions on how to permanently delete your Facebook account:
  • Go to this page. Click "Submit" and follow the instructions.
  • Your account will be deactivated for two weeks, and if you don't log in during that period, your account is permanently deleted.
  • This method is official and should be complete, i.e. no need to delete individual photos, comments, messages or items from your profile or anywhere else on Facebook!
Delete Facebook Account Permanently