Smart Bro Plan 999 is blazing fast!

Enough with complaints. I guess this is what Smart Bro is telling its subscribers after implementing a speed upgrade from 384 to 512 kbps for Plan 999.

During peak hours (5PM to 10PM) when most homes use the internet, Smartbro scores 689 kbps, 177 kbps faster than the advertised speed.

Smart Bro
Obviously better during off-peak hours (10PM to 8AM the following day), Smart Bro registered an average of 848 kbps on a speed test, which is 336 kbps faster than the allocated speed.

Smart Bro 512
Smart Bro Plan 999 is available in the Philippines for Php999. It's a priceworthy deal.

Average download speed on most days: 720kbps
Average upload speed on most days: 200kbps
Speed test site:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7
Browser: Firefox 3.0.13