Mac OS X Snow Leopard available starting August 28

Apple's self acclaimed "most advanced operating system", the Mac OS X Snow Leopard, will be shipped with every new Mac computer beginning August 28th.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard
It will also be available via Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard or Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger upgrade option, and the Up-To-Date Program for US$9.95 which lasts until December 26, 2009. says that "Mac OS X Snow Leopard refines the elegant Mac OS X user experience with lots of little touches and performance improvements that will make using your Mac even more enjoyable. It also includes a few big foundation technologies designed to tap the power of today’s computer hardware and provide a strong base for innovation."

The last Mac OS X I have operated was the Tiger two years ago. It is an excellent OS. The Snow Leopard should be better.

Update: August 28 - Snow Leopard is available now, check it out.