How to Create a Strong Password

Is your password strong? Or just as easy as knowing your birthday? Know how to create a strong password that will keep an attacker guessing for life.

A password, specially if used for critical accounts or files, is as important as your money in the bank. Yeah, literally. So you have to make sure not to expose or reveal it to anyone otherwise you will lose something vital or worse your privacy and identity.

How to create a strong password? Follow these steps.
  1. Get a pen and paper.
  2. Think of alphanumeric combinations and write it on paper at one per line.
  3. Make it easy to remember but please create not a password based on your birthday, name, address, or something that is guessable.
  4. Once done writing, go to the Microsoft Password Checker web page and use the tool.
  5. Type your passwords one by one to check the strength. Password Checker will automatically indicate if your password is Weak, Medium, Strong or Best.
  6. Mark those that are strong and best and choose one or two as your common password(s).
Password CheckerYour done. Don't worry with what you've typed in Password Checker. It says it "does not collect, store, or transmit information beyond the computer that you use to access. The image works on your computer desktop until you navigate away from the page." Burning Paper

And oh by the way, if you are already able to memorize your passwords, tear or burn that paper.