Globe Broadband Tattoo: Fast or Slow?

I had a holiday vacation with my boss and some office staff just recently. In that occasion, a lady colleague bought a Globe Broadband Tattoo prepaid kit from a Globe Business Center.

And so a day after, we reported back to office. With excitement, she requested me to install her new Globe Broadband Tattoo. I noted some of my observations during installation and actual usage.
  • The signal strength depends on your distance from a Globe cellsite.
  • The quality of service depends on the availability of the type of signal available such as Dial-Up, WIZ Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, 3G or HSDPA in your area. Unfortunately, the cellsite closest to us is still on EDGE. The signal type, by the way, is shown at the lower left portion of the module.
  • Globe Broadband Tattoo can be easily installed on any computer with XP or Vista operating system. I discovered later that it works much better in Windows 7.
Sadly, the speed is just a little faster than a dial-up connection. Both and revealed a 100 to 110 kbps (14 kB/s) download speed. Based on the table below, that speed for an EDGE powered mobile internet connection is still within range.

Mobile Internet ConnectionAverage SpeedMax Speed
HSDPA 400-700 Kbps2 Mbps
3G 150-250 Kbps 384 Kbps
EDGE80-120 Kbps156 Kbps
GPRS30-40 Kbps 56 Kbps
WIZ Wi-FiDependent on Hotspot 512 Kbps
Dial Up30-40 Kbps 56 Kbps

Conclusion: Globe Broadband Tattoo's internet connection speed depends on the type of signal available in your area.

You're lucky if your area is already covered by HSDPA. Here is the list of areas with HSDPA mobile internet connection.