LRMDS Learning Resource Management and Development System

The Department of Education (DepEd) has commenced the pilot test of its Learning Resource Management and Development System (LRMDS) in public schools in the Visayas region.


The LRMDS can be accessed online via The webpage was put up by DepEd to provide teachers and students access to quality learning, teaching and professional development resources.

At LRMDS, users can search, download and use the learning, teaching and professional development materials as well as locate the same print format and hard copy stored at Regional offices, Division offices, District offices or Cluster Lead schools.

In a statement published on a widely circulated paper, DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus mentioned that the department will be distributing computers to more than 5,000 public high schools with computer laboratories nationwide within this year.


While we appreciate and commend this laudable effort as it paves the way for the advancement of our educational system through computerization, the DepEd must see to it that:
  1. The computer lab of recipient school has adequate air conditioners to ensure longer life span of computers.
  2. The computer lab is well-secured. We have been informed that some schools reported loss of computers due to theft.
  3. For income generation, the computer lab will be transformed into an internet cafe or shop to accomodate customers after classes end at five o'clock in the afternoon and even during weekends. The revenue will be used to pay the monthly electric bills and maintenance cost.
  4. More training programs for the I.T. instructors are held. Per our observation, teachers assigned in computer labs have the basic know-how but lack knowledge in software and hardware installation and troubleshooting. If the teacher has adequate and perhaps advanced computer knowledge, he will not have to ask a technician from outside of school to install or repair. It is a time and money-saving measure, isn't it?
  5. Lastly, although this is kind of ambitious, we would like to suggest that blogging be included in the high school curriculum. We see three major advantages:
  • The school creates a room for students to have interest in writing by blogging which will lead to the enhancement and development of their communication skills.
  • Blogging is an excellent medium for information dissemination. Don't you think that with all the local schools' computers and access to internet, it is high time for them to go global and let the world know what is happening in their campuses?
  • Let blogging be a source of income. The students must be taught how to do business and earn money on his own side by side with getting educated in high school.
What do you think of our idea? Please let us know your own opinions.