Yahoo Mobile Messenger unlimited access

Check out this guide on how to have unlimited access when using Yahoo Messenger on your mobile phone / cellphone.

Yahoo Mobile Messenger
Get Yahoo Mobile Messenger unlimited access
(Open to Globe Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers only)
  1. Get the myGlobe Connect settings on your phone for free, text GO <phone model> to 2951 and save settings.
  2. Type in your phone's internet browser.
  3. Click 'download' and install UNLICHAT when prompted.
  4. Launch UNLICHAT from your Applications folder. Make sure you use myGlobe Connect APN.
  5. Enter your Yahoo ID and password. Start chatting.
UNLICHAT is available at affordable fixed access charges as follows:

P25 - Unlimited access for 1 day.
P100 - Unlimited access for 5 days.
P200 - Unlimited access for 15 days.

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