Windows 7: How to auto fix network problems

Here's another good reason proving Windows 7 as the best operating system Microsoft has engineered so far. One of its features is the capability to automatically troubleshoot network problems.

Many of Windows 7 users may have not noticed that a tiny button in the Network and Sharing Center can do a great job in fixing network connectivity issues. In this tutorial, we are going to let you know the function of the 'exclamation point' icon.

Usually in a computer environment, an exclamation point means trouble. This time it could lead to a fix. Here's how:
  1. In the Windows 7 Taskbar, right-click the Local Area Network icon (seen as a little monitor with antenna).
  2. Select 'Open Network and Sharing Center'.

  3. Windows 7 Network 1
  4. If your LAN connection is in trouble, there will be a tiny exclamation mark icon between 'your pc', shown as (This computer), and your Network, shown as 'Unidentified network'. If your connection is fine, that icon is invisible.
  5. Click it.

  6. Windows 7 Network 2
  7. Your computer will begin to troubleshoot automatically. Most of the time it is successful.
Windows 7 Network 3Windows 7 Network 4If the ISP is the cause of the problem, it will advise you that problem is 'Not fixed'. But then again, I tell you, most of the time it is successful.

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